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Mobile Apps

Mobile Healer Android Smart Phone/Tablet Healing App

Chi Energy Android Smart Phone/Tablet Chi Energy App

Weight Loss Now Android Smart Phone/Tablet Weight Loss App

Rain Maker Android Smart Phone/Tablet Rain Making App

Sweet Sugar Rush Android Game and Cravings/Addiction Control App

Law Of Attraction Engine Android Manifestation App


PC & Apple MAC Software

EasyRAD Radionic Software

EasyRAD is a new, very easy to use and extremely Powerful Radionic Software that implements the Law of Attraction. It's purpose is to help you to manifest your desires. This could be financial, business, relationships, personal growth and more.

Just phrase your wish/desire as if it has already happened or is happening now. Visualize or see in your minds eye the wish being fulfilled, then click start. That's all there is to it.

The Software is free to download and use. However, some features are disabled. To activate all features please purchase a license for a very low price of $40. (Mac OSX version is $60). Purchasing instructions are in the Software.

Major Features

SourceStream :- The worlds most powerful and fastest Manifestation Engine.

Audio Out :- Synchronous, dynamically modulated audio output enhances the power and speed of any trend when used in conjunction with a Radionic Box, Chi Generator, or when driving ordinary loud speakers. (do not listen to the audio with headphones as it can make you feel weird)

Water Charger :- Charge water, food and supplements to increase their energy, vitality  and effectiveness.

Save Feature:- Load and Save your favorite trends and wishes for later use and multiple sessions.

Boost Symbols:- Load your own boost image symbols/sigils to enhance the power and speed of your trends.

MP3 File Player:- Boost the power of any trend by loading and playing your own MP3 Audio Files. These can be Affirmations, Subliminal audio, Hypnotic Audio, Brain Wave Entrainment, Solfeggio Frequencies, Audio tones or Music.

Multi Trend Sequencer :- This Powerful feature allows you to run from 1 to 7 multiple timed trends in a sequence. Sequence can be started after a user specified delay time (PC only)

Gif Support:- You can now load animated gif boost image symbols/sigils to enhance the power of your trends (PC version Only).

*Warning* For users who are energy sensitive, you may feel slightly overwhelmed by energy or spacey when sitting in front of the computer screen when the software is running. If this happens, move away from the computer or stay longer and you may eventually acclimatize.

User experiences and reviews on Xtrememind Forum

Power/Energy Boost Symbol Pack
Collection of some boost images that have proven to work for users.

EasyRad Instruction Manual

EasyRADXt V3.51 (for windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10)

Click to download PC version

EasyRAD V2.40 (For Apple MAC OSX)

Click to download Mac version




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