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Law Of Attraction Engine

Android Law Of Attraction Manifestation App

Based on the latest research in Quantum Physics and using the principles of Quantum Entanglement and ancient Energy transmission traditions this Powerful Law Of Attraction Engine Software can help you realize your dreams and desires.

Everything is Energy. Your thoughts, feelings, desires are energy. Your car, home, money, your desk are energy. You change the energy then you can change the Physical Matter.

This software amlpifies your thoughts, feelings and desires and transmits them to the Universe so that they may Manifest.

This App is based on the Powerful "EasyRAD" PC and MAC Radionics Software. The saved wish/trend files should be interchangeable between the platforms

Disclaimer:-. The statements made above have not been evaluated by the FDA or any other organization. This software is for personal experimental purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Life Time License :- $24.99      

10 Day License :- $0.99 (Requires internet connection in order to validate)


Load an image of the target for who the wish is for.

Enter the Wish text in the Wish Box (phrase it in a way that is has already happened or is happening right now). End the wish by expresssing Gratitude.

Optionally load two power boost symbols/sigils/images. These can be related to the Wish or general energy/healing images.

Click RUN.

Hold the phone with both hands with both left and right thumbs over the boost images at the bottom.

Now close your eyes and visualize as vividly as possible the successful outcome of the Wish and emote the feelings/emotions you would have if it transpired. Only Focus on the final outcome and not how it came to pass (let the Universe determine how to make it happen).

Hold the phone and stare at the screen for several minutes. You can now lay the phone aside or put it in your pocket. Let the Wish run for as long as your intuition tells you to. 30 minutes may be enough. You can also run the wish in short Bursts several times a Day.

If you have a Radionics Machine or Chi Generator with an Audio input then you can connect the phone audio out to box to drive it with Radionic tones. You can also play the tones on the phone loud speaker or an external speaker to enhance the Software's power, but they are not pleasant to listen to.

*Warning* For users who are energy sensitive, you may feel slightly overwhelmed by energy or spacey when first running the App. If this happens just bear with it as you will eventually acclimatize.

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