Healing Modes

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Free Stuff

* Warning * Please do not listen to the audio files below if you have a heart condition or other serious health problems.

Nasal Congestion Clearing Audio MP3
Listening to this audio file may help clear Nasal congestion. Listen with headphones first, then with loud speakers on as high a volume as you are comfortable with. Listen for as long as you want to keep receiving the benefits.

Body Stimulation Audio MP3
This is an experimental audio which may stimulate various parts of the body and give some unusual sensations. Listen to this audio with headphones only.

Weight Loss Audio MP3
This is an experimental audio that may help you in reducing weight. Listen at least once a day with headphones only. This MP3 is large (82 MByte) and 1 hour long. You can listen to this audio any time you want even while doing other things like browsing the web or chores around the home.

Energy and Healing image
Download and print out this image and place your hand slightly above it without touching it. You may feel some heat, cold, tingling or a slight breeze. Staring at the image may cause you to see some interesting things. The image is emanating some energizing and healing energies. You can also laminate the image and place water and food on it to charge them with extra energy.

Healing Video
Focus on the hands when watching this video. It will transfer healing energies to you.

Pain Relief Video
Place your left hand on the screen. Place your right hand on the area of the body where you are feeling pain. Close you eyes and relax to receive the healing energies.

If you have any comments, suggestions or want to leave any feedback on the free stuff then please use the contact form. Thank You.



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