Healing Modes

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EasyRAD Power/Energy Boost Symbols


magnetron.jpg> :- For boosting any trend (by Uncle Chuckie)

daoistmagnedao.jpg> :- For booting any trend (by Arman)

attraction_sigil.jpg> :- For Attraction

balance_yinyang.jpg> :- For balancing YinYang (male/female) energies (by Chipervadesall)

brain_boost.jpg> :- For boosting brain power and cognitive functioning

magnetron_vision.jpg> :- For enhancing vision (based on ideas by RazorBlades)

magnetron_testos.jpg> :- For increasing testosterone hormone levels (by ChakraFire)

manifest_withgracelove.jpg> :- For manifestation with grace and love (by Chipervadesall)

moddedsigil.jpg> :- To power and enhance any trend and manifestation (by Alastan)

strengthen_psychic.jpg> :- Strengthen Wisdom, perception and psychic powers (by Chipervadesall)

radionicwallpaper.jpg> :- Boosts any trend and can be used as wallpaper (by Xtrememind)

TrippleDecagon.gif> :- Animated Gif used to charge yourself or objects (by user Adi)

DezImpegnator.gif> :- Animated Gif used to discharge or clean yourself/objects/rooms of bad or negative energy (by user Adi)


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